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~ Kellie Migneault

Holistic Counselling & Consulting

Self-Esteem Counselling Services


Poor self-esteem is common, but people can learn to love the life they have and appreciate their whole self, mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Getting to a place of confidence does take work but it is possible. A person’s age and life history will affect their self-esteem, for example, if a person is 40 years old they took 40 years to get to where they are in life, and therefore, it will take time to dissect these 40 years and assemble the pieces into a new healthier perspective. 


If a person feels like they are worthless, they often make choices which reinforces this belief. A core belief that one is not worthy will create symptoms such as misusing drugs or alcohol, cheating on their spouse and having repeated problems with the criminal justice system.  Fear of dealing with the core issue often keeps people trapped.


People can feel happy and confident in life, but for many people this means looking at their life and analyzing how their experiences have shaped their belief system.  People who struggle with self-esteem can appear unmotivated to people who do not understand their struggles, and this judgement often only adds to the persons’ problems and results in them giving up on their goals.


When someone believes they are worthless they will surround themselves with people who reinforce this belief. An example of this would be when someone feels poorly about themselves they will often tolerate abuse from a partner/spouse because they believe they do not deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Every human being has the opportunity to be treated with dignity and respect. 

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