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~ Kellie Migneault

Holistic Counselling & Consulting

Counselling Can Help Depression


Depression is an illness and it is different than being sad. When someone is truly depressed their life feels very different than someone who is not depressed. Looking at a holistic perspective of depression, and putting depression symptoms into the 4 parts of a human being can help to understand how the entire person is affected by depression. Symptoms listed below.





• Thinking about suicide  

• Chronic focus on your    problems

• Thinking the world is    against you

• Thinking no one cares    about you

• Thinking the world would    be a better place without    you




• Lack of motivation

• Lack of interest in    activities you were once    interested in

• Lack of energy

• Eating too much or not at    all

• Lack of personal hygiene

• Lack of coordination






• Feeling sad


• Feeling worthless


• Feeling alone








• Having no hope in things    getting better


• If you are cultural or    religious doubting these    beliefs










Depression can be a chemical imbalance in the brain, but it can also be related to a persons’ experiences which influence their core beliefs about them self.  Depression can affect people who are more passive because they do not state what they want and need; therefore, they are repeatedly taken advantage of. For example, passive people will let others make choices for them, which will create anger, frustration, and a lack of respect, all of which can contribute to depression.


People who are depressed have trouble being optimistic and see their life as a never-ending cycle of negativity. Life can be enjoyable and people can change their thinking so they can feel at peace and achieve mental clarity.