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~ Kellie Migneault

Holistic Counselling & Consulting

Counselling for Abuse


There are many kinds of abuse people experience, all which can have a lifelong effect on individuals and families. The trauma deepens if the people impacted do not get help. Some common types of abuse include the following:








Psychological abuse, where one person says hurtful things to another person or says/and/or does things which can result in mental pain.


Emotional abuse where one person says things to another person with intentions to make the other person feel poorly about themselves.


Physical abuse is any type of hitting, pushing, punching and aggression towards another person.


Sexual abuse includes any unwanted sexual touching or behavior imposed on another person and any sexual act by an adult onto a child or youth.



People who have been abused think and act different because they view the world from a different lens. Victims of abuse often have the need to rationalize why the abuse occurred. They usually blame themselves and view the world from this perspective. This can create irrational thoughts which are self defeating and problematic. In therapy, we need to go back and find where the transition from rational, to irrational thought took place, and how has this impacted the person’s life.  When a person is consumed by the past they are not fully engaged with their present reality and may not have an accurate perception of reality.


Every human being deserves the opportunity to be happy and healthy.  For people who have been abused this is often not possible until they discuss their feelings and have their thought process challenged. This takes time and dedication, but people can move beyond abuse and live life with a balanced mind.