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~ Kellie Migneault

Holistic Counselling & Consulting

Mental Health and Anxiety


Anxiety is a silent illness and many people suffer with anxiety alone. Anxiety can be different for each individual, but looking at anxiety from a holistic perspective we can identify some common symptoms associated with anxiety which are the following:





• Racing thoughts

• Obsessive thoughts

• Repeated unwanted          thoughts

• Lack of concertation 


• Heart racing

• Jaw clenching

• Fist clenching

• Sweating not related to    temperature 







Anxiety can be linked to genetics or an experience.  If a person is born with an anxiety problem the chemicals in their brain are unbalanced, and it will be hard to treat this without medication. For other people, their anxiety can be caused based on trauma. When anxiety is based on trauma people can process their experiences to the point of resolve. An experience which can result in an anxiety problem is being a victim of abuse.


Being victimized can cause people to feel like they have lost control over their own life, but all feelings can change. To regain control of one’s life a person who is a victim of abuse can take charge and face their thoughts and feelings so they can unload this burden of pain.